We at Barr Funeral Home offer several options for pre-arrangement and pre-financing, and we encourage families to preplan their funeral arrangements. Many people do preplan, and in doing so relieve loved ones of making the many difficult decisions later by stating their preferences now. It truly is a gift to those left behind.

Did you know that funerals can be prearranged with out being pre-paid?

While Barr Funeral Home recommends pre-financing your arrangements, just getting your choices down on paper gives your family a map to follow in the event of your death.

Did you know that people generally spend less when prearranging as opposed to making all of the arrangements at the time of death?

It's true. Making financial decisions rationally, before the need, affords you the time and patience it takes to make good informed choices and you will always have the option of changing the arrangements at any time in the future. The emotional issues at the time of death can sometimes cloud judgment, and the stress and time pressure of having to make these choices can get in the way of what's really important, spending time together with your family and friends and beginning the healing process.

Barr Funeral Home offers you this pre-planning form as a way to get started. Use it to organize as much information as you are comfortable with. Please indicate at the conclusion your preference for contact by our staff. Even if you choose not to send this form to us, please feel free to print it out and keep it for your records. You will then have the information for your family should the need arise unexpectedly.


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