Tim Harrington

As a third generation funeral director, I grew up watching my parents have a profound impact on the families they served. I also grew to understand and accept the responsibilities that are necessary to run a neighborhood business such as ours.

Throughout my childhood I listened to the people in our neighborhood tell stories about my parents, and grand parents. Stories that told of how my family had helped them when they were feeling lost, alone and vulnerable. Stories of my family helping their families get through some of the roughest times they had ever experienced. These stories had an enormous impact on me and gave me great pride in who I am and what we do. It was because of those stories that I choose to continue our family tradition. It continues to be a decision that carries great responsibility, but also tremendous personal rewards.

I pride myself on being an active member of Chicago’s Edgewater community. I am currently serving on the Board of the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, and I volunteer as the top adult leader in the Chicago Area Sea Scouts. I have also served as a city commissioner of SSA #26, a member of the Edgewater Community Council Board of Directors, the board of the Edgewater Development Corporation, and I have been elected as an officer in both the local Lions Club and Kiwanis.

I draw my greatest strength from my wife, Joan. She not only supports me mentally, but helps in the "behind the scene" running of our business. She does this in addition to working as a full time teacher at Northside Catholic Academy, volunteering at our church, not to mention raising our three children.

Together my family is here to serve your family; just like we have every day since my grandfather started in 1923.

Diane Toritto
Office Administrator

Always smiling, Diane takes care of most of the daily paperwork and record keeping. She is a wonderful asset to our company, and always willing to help you with any requests. Diane can help you with most any questions you may have.


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